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  • Photographer Interview Series: Mark Nordby

Around 1/3 of Bloomington is made up of parks and nature areas, making it a popular shooting location for local photographers. We reached out to some of our favorite nature photographers to get their viewpoint on everything from the state of amateur photography to Bloomington’s hidden gems.

Photographer Mark Nordby was born and raised in Bloomington and has lived in the city for over 50 years. Mark’s impressive nature photos are taken solely on his cell phone, and reflect his interests, including hiking, birding, flowers, sunsets, and travel.

Mark Nordby Old Cedar Avenue BridgeThe Old Cedar Avenue Bridge.

“I have enjoyed photography since I was a child,” said Mark. “A photography and darkroom skills class I took at Olson Jr High really boosted my interest. In the past 5 years I have taken a lot more photos as I always have my camera (cell phone) with me wherever I go and enjoy sharing photos on Instagram.”

Mark Nordby tree sunsetA sunset scene in Bloomington.

Mark is a frequent photographer who takes photos in Bloomington at least once a week. Common shooting locations include the Old Cedar and Bass Ponds units of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and 9 Mile Creek in Moir Park. “Duluth and the entire North Shore of Lake Superior are my favorite places to be and to take photos. I also enjoy taking photos downtown Minneapolis and in my garden,” said Mark.

Mark Nordby butterflyA butterfly in Bloomington.

Mark says he often takes many photos of the same subject, then looks through them to find the one he likes best. He suggests that amateur photographers take photos of things and places that they like and catch their eye. “Try new things, play around with different angles and perspectives. Have fun and keep shooting!”

We are so grateful to Mark for sharing his perspective with us! View more of his Bloomington photography on Instagram at @markrnordby. Share your Bloomington photos on social media with #BloomingtonMN and follow us on Instagram at @BloomingtonMN.