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Minnesota places third in bid to host Expo 2023

Minnesota came in third in the bid to host Expo 2023. The Bureau of International Expositions General Assembly voted in Paris on November 15 between three sites - Bloomington, Minnesota, United States; Poland and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina won the rights to host the event.

The Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau partnered with the Minnesota Expo Bid Committee, City of Bloomington, Mall of America, and the U.S. State Department among others to try to bring Expo 2023 to Minnesota.

The Bureau of International Expositions, which is made up of 110 dues-paying countries, voted on November 15 to decide where Expo 2023 will be located, and each member country got one vote.

History of the World Fair

Ever since the first world’s fair in London in 1851, the goal of these massive expositions (expos for short) has been both intellectual and commercial. As time marches on, world expos have kept pace, changing to reflect the needs of the time while presenting the ideals, hopes and aspirations of people even as those evolve. Aside from incredible education opportunities around different cultures, new scientific advancements and new inventions, world’s fairs now offer incredibly diverse entertainment options, from international cuisine and libations to music, dancing and the arts.

When most people think of a world’s fair, if they have heard of them, they might recall the iconic marvels of architecture and design commonly introduced at these events: Paris’ Eiffel Tower (World Fair 1889), Chicago’s Ferris Wheel (1893), San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge (1939), Brussels’ Atomium (1958), Seattle’s Space Needle (1962) or New York’s Unisphere (1964).

Clearly, our nation has hosted many international exhibitions over the past century, in large cities like New York and San Francisco but also in dynamic regional ones, including Spokane, Seattle, Knoxville and San Antonio. These global gatherings have proven to be the preeminent place to introduce technologies and to unveil art and culture.

World fairs have enthralled millions of visitors with new ideas and innovations connecting them to important global influences. Minnesota and the United States is prepared to welcome countries to collaborate on our very important theme of Health and Wellness.

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